Welcome to our new hand woven basket page!

This is another new item that we have decided to get involved in. They are not Native American woven; but are replicas of the Navajo designs, woven by the abused and neglected "street" women of Pakistan. There are many sizes available at economical prices. For expanded view and descriptions, simply click the photo of the basket of your choice. If they market well, we will expand the lines. Let us know what you think here: click



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Small baskets temporarily sold out!


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"Bee hive" shaped baskets
5 to 6 inches, $15.00 each

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Small "pot" type baskets 3 to 4 inches, wide and tall. $5.00 each.

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Bowls, approx 7 x 2 inches

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Rectangular Shapes

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Flat baskets

temporarily sold out

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Deep knitting baskets


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Extra large basket

Large Knitting baskets below

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