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We  have several tons of high quality rough rock to dispose of. Some of these items will be offered at the un-heard of price of $1.00 per pound. This site will be under construction for a while as new items will be added daily until it is all listed and/or sold. Click photo for expanded view, sizes, price; and secure order page. Feel free to e-mail us here to have any questions answered: Click Most of these items below are one-of-a-kind, unless noted, so please don't order 2 or more unless it is specified.

Always under construction.... Updated 06-06-18

bigchief_small.jpg (2701 bytes)

Big chief jasper

shrimp_rough-2_small.jpg (2692 bytes)

Fossilized shrimp in matrix

moss.jpg (738246 bytes)

Moss agate

rough-5.jpg (506223 bytes)

Golden moss agate

Calcite, 7 colors

bruneau-type.jpg (470559 bytes)

Bruneau looking jasper

Turquoise Chunks

rough-8.jpg (777994 bytes)

Snowflake obsidian

sold in 10 pound quantities.


rainbow.jpg (664023 bytes)

Big rainbow obsidian nice rainbow throughout!



greenmoss.jpg (624402 bytes)

Green moss


mohave-2.jpg (752168 bytes)

Mohave Jasper


bandedonyx-2.jpg (502747 bytes)

Banded onyx



lizardskin.jpg (533481 bytes)

Large Lizardskin serpentine.


fossil.jpg (540730 bytes)

Fossil-embedded marble


rough-19.jpg (1239352 bytes)

Click the above photo for expanded view

Mahogany/gold sheen obsidian mix no sort. Sold in 10 pound packages. Click the photo below for fire and order cart.

mahog-fire.jpg (622183 bytes)

rough-20.jpg (855406 bytes)

Picture sandstone


rough-21.jpg (531297 bytes)

Petrified wood



deming.jpg (757114 bytes)

Gorgeous Deming N.M. moss agate. Shines like a mirror!

rough-23.jpg (569559 bytes)

Dye-able howlite sold in 10 pound packages


andalucite.jpg (719639 bytes)

Chinese writing rock/green variety

3+ x 5 x 7 inches

6 pounds

3pc-1.jpg (812804 bytes)

Click photo above for large view.

3pc-2.jpg (440942 bytes)

Click the photo above for expanded view . Phone us for ordering and/or availabity


Left: 3 pc. Brazilian agate Large piece over 20 inches long and over a foot wide. Cut into 3 pieces for sphere grinding years ago; but has hollow center. Looks like giant ham.

65 pounds


bandedrhyolite.jpg (683569 bytes)

Several hundred pounds available any amount: $4.00 per pound

wonderstone-1.jpg (446405 bytes)

Agatized wonderstone 1 piece only

7 x 5 x 4 1/2 inches


laceagate.jpg (483803 bytes)



squigglyjasper.jpg (641806 bytes)

Squiggly jasper

8 x 6 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches


opalizeddendriticagate.jpg (655139 bytes)

Opalized dendritic agate

$5.00 per pound

woodncrystals.jpg (643423 bytes)

petrified wood with white crystals

4.5 pounds 3 x 6 1/2 x 5 inches


oceanrockcanada.jpg (452750 bytes)

Ocean rock (Canadian)

$10.00 per pound


commonopal.jpg (540625 bytes)

Common opal

$15.00 per pound

alunite.jpg (817786 bytes)


$8.00 per pound

picturejasper-1.jpg (623232 bytes)

Picture jaspers...all varieties and sizes. Chicken track, Morrisonite, Biggs, you name it. State type you want.

$6.00 per pound

wyomingred-1.jpg (771984 bytes)

Wyoming wood #1

1 piece only

7 1/2 x 4 x 3 1/2 inches.


wyomingred-2.jpg (679401 bytes)

Wyoming wood #2

1 piece only

7 x 4 x 4 inches


epidotecluster.jpg (1329763 bytes)

Large epidote crystal cluster

11 x 11 x 6 1/2 inches!


mossjasper.jpg (487675 bytes)

Gem-quality moss agate!

4 x 5 x 2 inches! beautiful piece!



gemrhodonite.jpg (598957 bytes)

Gem quality rhodonite


whiteskinbrazilian.jpg (414126 bytes)

White-skin Brazilian agates. The best of the best!

$8.00 per pound!

chrysocolla.jpg (813126 bytes)

Excellent quality chrysacolla 100 pounds to sell! quarter to duck egg-sized pieces.

$10.00 per pound

Onyx Blocks


pinkagate.jpg (474036 bytes)

Pink agate

$5.00 per pound!

hickoryite.jpg (453293 bytes)

Agatized Hickoryite

$8.00 per pound

chickentrack.jpg (506614 bytes)

Chickentrack picture jasper

$6.00 per pound

Lapis Lazuli




rubyzoisite-3.jpg (527062 bytes)


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